Waikaka Ladies retain the Gilmour Rosebowl in their challenge against Lumsden on Tuesday 16th March winning 4/1

Individual results Waikaka names first

Dianne Cleland lost Jody Drysdale on the 18th

Deryn Cullen defeated Shelly Mollison 1up

Lois Byars defeated Lois… Continue reading

The Southland Women’s Masters team to play in the New Zealand Women’s Masters tournament at Northland Golf Club 9th to 11th April is

Robyn Boniface

Robyn Pullar

Olivia Frost

Helen Baird

Good golfing ladies

Nightcaps have retained the Laing Shield defeating Kingston 4/2 on Saturday 27th February

Individual results Nightcaps names first

Brett Dobbie lost Graham Stevens

Stu Dobbie defeated Peter Stone 5/3

Ross Mangels defeated Chris Bell 3/2

Peter Booth defeated Ian Huffadine… Continue reading

Waikaka have retained the Gilmour Rosebowl in their first challenge defeating Te Anau 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 on a beautiful day in closely contested matches.

Individual results Waikaka names first

Janis Steel defeated Sheree Hemi 1up

Deryn Cullen square… Continue reading

2020 Golfer of the Year Award Winners

Men’s Golfer of the Yearr; Matt Tautari (Invercargill GC)

Women’s Golfer of the Year; Robyn Boniface (Queens Park GC)

Junior Golf of the Year; George Prendergast (Te Anau GC)

Most Improved Junior; Kevin Bang (Greenacres GC)