Southland Competitions

Nightcaps have retained the Laing Shield defeating Kingston 4/2 on Saturday 27th February

Individual results Nightcaps names first

Brett Dobbie lost Graham Stevens

Stu Dobbie defeated Peter Stone 5/3

Ross Mangels defeated Chris Bell 3/2

Peter Booth defeated Ian Huffadine… Continue reading

Waikaka have retained the Gilmour Rosebowl in their first challenge defeating Te Anau 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 on a beautiful day in closely contested matches.

Individual results Waikaka names first

Janis Steel defeated Sheree Hemi 1up

Deryn Cullen square… Continue reading

Nightcaps defeated Wyndham on Saturday 28th November 5/1 with some excellant golf played by both teams.

Individual results Nightcaps names first

Kyle Dobbie defeated Blair Sinclair 3/2

Brett Dobbie defeated Dale Owen 2/1

Stu Dobbie defeated T P Ngahoro 8/7… Continue reading

Congratulations to the Waikaka ladies on winning the Gilmour Rosebowl 4/1 from Riverton on the 25th November

Individual results Waikaka names first

Dianne Cleland defeated Anita Fraser 4/2

Janis Steel defeated Margaret Baillie 2up

Deryn Cullen defeated Emma MacCallum 4/3… Continue reading