Omaui Rd, Greenhills

Bluff Golf Club Description

A 9-hole course with a variety of flat to undulating fairways.

Can be affected by strong westerly winds, which will increase the required skill to play this relatively easy course.

Fees, Holes and Facilities

Visitors Fee: $8

Other Green Fees:

9-hole fee: $8

Reduced fee for children: $3

Holes: 9

Facilities: The course offers great views of the Moko Moko estuary across to Invercargill.

Club and Competition Days

Men’s club day: Saturday, tee off 12.30pm

Ladies’ club day: Wednesday, tee off 10.30am

Mens’ Course

Ladies’ Course

Par: 70
Course Length: 5102m
Tee Colour: White
Course Rating: 66.7
Slope Rating: 132
Course Length: m
Tee Colour: Yellow
Course Rating: 70.5
Slope Rating: 112

Contact Details

Bluff Golf Club
Omaui Rd, Greenhills

President Eric Williams 2128456
Club Captain David Craw 2128339 0273299426
Ladies’ Club Captain
Secretary George Goffe 2128810