Division 1 to be played at Bluff 9th May  @ 12 noon

Tee No 1:  M Dynes, M Anderson, G Gibson, H Peter

                             W Ross, B Howden, A Thompson, M Ihaia

                             B Suddaby, C Fowle, M Will, J Cowan

C Cowley, J Dickie, C Arts, W Hunt

Tee No 6:  M McLelland, B Maniapoto, R Anderson, T Proudfoot

                   L Harvey, J Best, J Daintith, P Keast

B McEwing, D Clarke, G Wilson, N McLelland

Tee No 8;  J Aeropo, B Meikle, M Ropitini, G Weller

                   E Thwaites, R Smith, M Russell, W Ross