Draw for Queens Park Ladies Foursomes to be played at Queen’s Park Golf Club on Thursday 5th  December 2019


Tee No 1 ; 10am,

N Hume & J Anderson, S Price & L Walker

K McGregor & D Kaio, H Ayto & R Millar

C Emmerson & J Kamaru, P Craig & S McGregor

H Ischia & J Murray, P Forde & B Erskine


Tee No 3   10a.m.

C Collins & L Clarke L Suddaby & J Mauheni,

H Cawthorn & G Sinclair, W Wahren & J Mexted

D Ross & C Tretheway, G Colhoun & L Cook


Tee No 14   10a.m.

A Cloete & P Cracknell, J Raines & V Wallace

S Hogan & E Hughes, H McDonald & N Smith

N Little & B Adamson, A Bowie & T McDougall

N Anderson & L Burgess, M Jenner & A Hill, J Chirnside & I Bradley,


Tee No 16   10a.m.

P Riddell & E Hwang, M Daly & M Wallace,

R Boniface & L Murdoch, L Froger & M Symons

G Clark & S McLeod, G O’Rorke & E Lucy