The final round of the 2021 Challenge was held at Queens Park on Sunday 23rd January.

Greenacres were the winners after 3 rounds with a total of 1094 points

Invercargill were second with 1054 points and Queens Park 3rd with 1048 points.

Individual Winners after 3 rounds were

Women; Hoana Ayto (Greenacres) 102 Stablefords

Senior Men; Basil McEwan (Greenacres) 104 Stablefords

Intermediate Men; Brent Fowler (Greeanacres) 105 Stablefords

Junior Men; Murray Todd (Greeanacres) 115 Stablefords.

Results of Round 3

Queens Park 390 Points

Greeanacres 371 points

Invercargill 365 points

Individual Results

Women; Kathryn McEwin (GA) 40 points

Linda Suddaby (QP) 39 points

Senior Men; Ross McLean (Inv) 40 pts

Murray Hamilton (QP) 40 pts

Tony Chadderton (Inv) 40 pts

Intermediate Men; Alan Blackey (QP) 42 pts

Sonny Diack (QP) 40 pts

Junior Men; Brian Conner (QP) 40 pts

Robert Shields (QP) 38 pts