Country won the Jackman Salver yesterday at Drummond defeating Town 15 1/2 to 8 1/2.

Foursomes Results Country Names First


Helen Baird & Ann Osment lost Robyn Boniface & Wendy Fairweather  4/3

Geraldine Todd & Lorraine Froger square Fiona Murray & Kate McGregor

Anita Fraser & Bronwyn O’Brien defeated Naoko Anderson & Jo Wadworth  4/3

Pam Macleod & Nikki Hume defeated Jill Goodall & Lenore Harvey  2/1


Judy Matthews & Shelly Mollison lost Liz Murdoch & Maree Callaghan  2down

Debbie O’Connell & Mary-Anne Lindsay defeated Pat Forde & Frances Bell  3/2

Judy King & Susan Racz defeated Julieanne Mexted & H0ana  Ayto

Josie Ladbrook & Faye Dudfield lost Marilyn Jenner & Judy Gregory  2/1

Country 4 1/2  Town  3 1/2

Individual Matches


 Helen Baird lost Robyn Boniface  7/5

Anne Osment defeated Fiona Murray   1up

Geraldine Todd defeated Kate McGregor 2up

Bronwyn O’Brien defeated Wendy Fairweather  3/2

Pam Macleod square Naoko Anderson

Anita Fraser lost Jo Wadworth   1down

Nikki Hume lost Jill Goodall 3/2

Lorraine Froger lost Lenore Harvey   2down


Judy Matthews square Liz Murdoch

Shelly Mollison defeated Pat Forde  5/4

Mary-Anne Lindsay defeated Frances Bell  2/1

Debbie O’Connell defeated Maree Callaghan  1up

Susan Racz defeated Marilyn Jenner   5/4

Josie Ladbrook defeated Hoano Ayto 3/2

Judy King defeated Judy Gregory 1up

Faye Dudfield defeated Julieanne Mexted  3/1

Country 11  Town 5


Overall  Country 15 1/2  Town 8 1/2