The Golf Southland Town versus Country teams to play at Drummond  on Thursday 20th September  is as follows:


Silver;               R Boniface,(QP), F Murray (Inv). K McGregor (QP) , W Fairweather (QP),N Anderson (QP)

                             J Wadworth (In); J Goodall (GA) L Harvey (GA),   Reserves J Henderson (Inv)


Bronze;            L Murdoch (QP), P Forde (Inv), F Bell (Inv), G Taylor (GA), M Callaghan (QP), M Jenner (QP),

                             H Ayto (GA) J Gregory (QP)  Reserves; J Mexted (GA)


Silver;               H Baird (Dip), A Osment (Moss), G Todd (Dip), B O’Brien (Tua), P Macleod (Drum),  A Fraser (Riv),                                            N Hume (Win),  L Froger (Wyn), Reserves; M Hughes (TeA), T McColl (Mat), S Elder (TeA)


Bronze;            J Matthews (TeA) S Mollison (Lum),MA Lindsay (Drum), D O’Connell (Riv), S Racz (Drum)

                            J Ladbrook (Riv) ,J King (TeA) F Dudfield (Drum),Reserves; M Dillon (R/dale), C Dennison (Tua),


Players to report at Drummond by 8.30am Start Time 9.00am