There are numerous opportunities for golfers in Southland to represent the province at various levels – from age group teams to masters teams.

Selectors are: (for both men’s and women’s teams):

The Southland Men’s team ti play in the South Island Interprovincial at St Clair Golf Club 17/18th October in playing order is;

Matt Tautari,

Tyler McLean

Liam Hewitt,

Liam Balneaves, 

Doug Carmichael,

Rob Mainland,

Josh Kalweit,

Bryan Cantley

Reserve George Prendergast

The Southland team to play in the South Island Interprovincial at St Clair golf club 17/18th October in playing order is;

Matt Tautari

Tyler McLean

Liam Hewitt

Liam Balneaves

Doug Carmichael

Rob Mainland

Josh Kalweit

Bryan Cantley

Reserve; George Prendergast




Played 13th September at St Clair Golf Club

Reversed Singles


Geraldine Todd lost Yoonae Jeong                 6/5

Robyn Pullar lost Sumin Kang                        6/5

Fiona Murray lost  Kathryn Baker                   2/1

Helen Baird lost Abby Crawford        … Continue reading

Senior Team                                                                             Masters                                                                                   

1-Matt Tautari                                                                    1-Simon Hollyer

2 Tyler McLean                                                                  2-Simon Boland                

3-Liam Hewitt                                                                    3-Doug Carmichael                       

4-Liam Balneaves                                                             4-Peter Buckley

5-Josh Kalweit                         … Continue reading