Memorial Avenue, Wyndham

Wyndham Golf Club Description

Located at the north end of the Wyndham township on the town’s racecourse, this course is truly unique due to the fact many holes follow the racetrack.

This course is well worth a visit and make sure you leave your slice at home when you do visit.

The first hole also offers something different by having the green located at the bottom of an old gravel pit. The course is well groomed by a team of enthusiastic volunteers but there are parts of the course that you share with trainers training their horses.

Fees, Holes and Facilities

Visitors Fee: $15.00

Other Green Fees:

18-hole fee: $20
9-hole fee: $10

Holes: 9

Facilities: None

Club and Competition Days

Men’s club day: Saturday, tee off at 12.30pm, women welcome
Women’s club day: Wednesday, tee off at 10.30am, men welcome

Mens’ Course

Ladies’ Course

Par: 70
Course Length: 5335m
Tee Colour: White
Course Rating: 67.1
Slope Rating: 116
Par: 72
Course Length: 4768m
Tee Colour: Yellow
Course Rating: 69.4
Slope Rating: 119

Contact Details

Wyndham Golf Club
Memorial Avenue, Wyndham

President Bryan Dynes 03 2064934
Club Captain David Scott 0272780913
Ladies’ Club Captain Judy Hunter 03 2064292
Secretary Glen Sutherland 03 206 6754